Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unique Inspirations

One of my favorite things is my company, Unique Inspirations. It is less about making money for me and more about giving myself the opportunity to create items that people love and love to give. Sometimes, after a stressful day, nothing makes me feel better faster than going and locking myself away to give myself the opportunity to create.  Unique Inspirations are custom wooden letters that are both inspiring and unique.I carefully design and create each set using only the finest quality materials.  Each set of decorative wooden letters are created and designed with you in mind to compliment any color scheme or home décor.  These beautifully decorated wooden letters are perfect as gifts for a bride and groom, for your wedding party, for your child or grandchild’s room or nursery, as décor on doors, for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or any room you can think of. Visit the ideas gallery at my website, www.myuniqueinspiration.com, for ideas about where to put your Inspirations or how to hang them.   Unique Inspirations can easily be turned into beautiful wall décor, hanging letters, or a magnet simply by attaching ribbon, double-sided tape, or magnets to the back of the letters.  Customize and personalize your wooden letters by ordering your last name, your children’s names, or your favorite word.  These personalized wooden letters can be ordered either in large flat 11” letters or small standing 5” wooden block letters.  Unique Inspirations are the perfect handcrafted customized wooden signs for your loved ones, friends or yourself. Email me today to place your own custom order and give me the opportunity to make something beautiful for you!

here is a sample of my work... To see more go to my website at www.myuniqueinspiration.com 

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