Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giveaways and Interviews!

 I have a lot of blogs to keep up with these days.... as well a couple of great opportunities for YOU to WIN!
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Also, check out 2 interviews that I did...

Thanks everyone and happy Friday! 


Monday, June 7, 2010

One of my favorite things about Etsy is the endless array of amazing artists that I can check out... and try not to buy.  Because I love words so much, I decided to look for a sampling of artists that also use words to create.  Here are a few of my favorites... 
This gorgeous Vintage Bliss necklace by Inclusive Jewelry reminds me what bliss is all about. 
POSTIT in writing - THINKpad (sticky notes)
I am a teacher and I wish I could get a notepad like this from reuseREDESIGN for each of my students. This is one of my "rules" in my classroom: THINK!

Hand Stamped Cappuccino Cups - Set of 2
These cups by simplyprettyprints give you a treat when you finish your cup of coffee (or tea!)

This sign by AlphabetDIVA reminds me of what I love the most... Traveling. I can't wait for my next adventure. Switzerland? Indonesia? Africa? 

Joy Photo Print 8X10 Coral Seashells
My life is so full of joy and this photo by eternalimages brings an even bigger smile to my face. Nature is so amazing! 

Vintage Ledger Thank You Seals
We all have someone that we need to thank and these seals by KisforCalligraphy remind us to do just that! I know I am blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life. Speaking of which.... 
FRIENDS Wooden Sign
This is one of my favorite signs as it always makes me think of the incredible people I have in my life. I have the best friends a girl could ask for and am so thankful for each and every one of them. Visit my store to see more signs and to check out more of my Etsy favorites! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

deep breath

I have been busy busy busy... AND surrounded by words it seems :) 

I have had several orders and custom orders from various sources in the last couple of days. It's been crazy (but good!) 

I am also part of a contest on this blog ... ... so I would really appreciate it if you would go vote for me... It will only take a few seconds, you only have to comment :) Thank you so much! 

This weekend I am moving home... (only for 2 months) until I move more permanently to my new job in August. It's going to be a busy weekend... I'm working on a new blog post though! 

I received this quote today and it made me smile. It is so relevant to my life right now and what I am working on in my life:

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the best, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." 

I'm thinking about writing it on my hand so that I can remember it when I get stressed out!

Have a HAPPY day! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Words of My Life

I have had a lot of time to think over the last 3 days... I have spent over twenty hours driving since Thursday afternoon. Yikes!  Talk about some alone time. I spent some of that time doing something that I think is important...
I thought about words.  Not just any words, the words that I think are important to me- the words that have had an impact on my life and demonstrate something important to me. Here is what I came up with:

bliss                                    love
friends                            change
freedom                              choices
joy                                      create
faith                                     family

Each of these words have played a role in my life and getting me to where I am today. These words contain the story of my life. They might change, just like I change, but they will always be important to me which is funny because after all... they are "just" words.

What about you? What words are important in your life? I would love to hear about words that help tell your story!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Words. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and truly think about them and the weight they carry? The impact they have? They way they can cause any situation to change... for good or bad? I am a lover of words. I have always loved them them-perhaps without fully realizing it. I love the way they come together on a page to form sentences which form paragraphs, chapters, and then entire books. Words are the foundation for the life in which we live. They express emotion: anger, love, hate, joy, pride, grief, disbelief. They form who we are-or who we say we are- and they have the power to transform a life. Words are one of the most basic elements of life, yet like so many other things, we take them for granted. They are abundant and never ending, after all. Words express so much and hold so much power. Sometimes, a reminder of their importance is necessary. I love words- I love the memories they evoke, the situations they create, and the power they have. Perhaps that is why I am an English Teacher. Perhaps that is why I own a business in which words are the central element. I believe that looking at words and their meaning is important. Why do certain words evoke emotions in some people and not others? Why do some words contain such immense power? Why do we use one word and not another? Reflecting on something that we use every single day and considering their importance should be a part of who we are. Reflecting on words and their role in our lives is the goal of this blog. It is an ongoing  discussion about a core part of who we are. What words are important to you? Affect you? Have created who you are? I am excited to discuss and consider what words are important to me, and more importantly, hear from you about the role that words play in your lives.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unique Inspirations

One of my favorite things is my company, Unique Inspirations. It is less about making money for me and more about giving myself the opportunity to create items that people love and love to give. Sometimes, after a stressful day, nothing makes me feel better faster than going and locking myself away to give myself the opportunity to create.  Unique Inspirations are custom wooden letters that are both inspiring and unique.I carefully design and create each set using only the finest quality materials.  Each set of decorative wooden letters are created and designed with you in mind to compliment any color scheme or home décor.  These beautifully decorated wooden letters are perfect as gifts for a bride and groom, for your wedding party, for your child or grandchild’s room or nursery, as décor on doors, for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or any room you can think of. Visit the ideas gallery at my website,, for ideas about where to put your Inspirations or how to hang them.   Unique Inspirations can easily be turned into beautiful wall décor, hanging letters, or a magnet simply by attaching ribbon, double-sided tape, or magnets to the back of the letters.  Customize and personalize your wooden letters by ordering your last name, your children’s names, or your favorite word.  These personalized wooden letters can be ordered either in large flat 11” letters or small standing 5” wooden block letters.  Unique Inspirations are the perfect handcrafted customized wooden signs for your loved ones, friends or yourself. Email me today to place your own custom order and give me the opportunity to make something beautiful for you!

here is a sample of my work... To see more go to my website at