Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Words. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and truly think about them and the weight they carry? The impact they have? They way they can cause any situation to change... for good or bad? I am a lover of words. I have always loved them them-perhaps without fully realizing it. I love the way they come together on a page to form sentences which form paragraphs, chapters, and then entire books. Words are the foundation for the life in which we live. They express emotion: anger, love, hate, joy, pride, grief, disbelief. They form who we are-or who we say we are- and they have the power to transform a life. Words are one of the most basic elements of life, yet like so many other things, we take them for granted. They are abundant and never ending, after all. Words express so much and hold so much power. Sometimes, a reminder of their importance is necessary. I love words- I love the memories they evoke, the situations they create, and the power they have. Perhaps that is why I am an English Teacher. Perhaps that is why I own a business in which words are the central element. I believe that looking at words and their meaning is important. Why do certain words evoke emotions in some people and not others? Why do some words contain such immense power? Why do we use one word and not another? Reflecting on something that we use every single day and considering their importance should be a part of who we are. Reflecting on words and their role in our lives is the goal of this blog. It is an ongoing  discussion about a core part of who we are. What words are important to you? Affect you? Have created who you are? I am excited to discuss and consider what words are important to me, and more importantly, hear from you about the role that words play in your lives.


  1. Hi Candace,

    I agree with you about the beauty and importance of words and their meanings, both implicit and explicit. I also have to admit that I'm married to a Quebecois for whom English is a second language. As someone, a word nerd is the appropriate term, I believe, who as a child used to read the dictionary as if it were a novel, I've had to try not to scrutinize as much, because often things change in the translation and before we know it we've had a slight row over terms and words and how they are meant and understood, and how all of that can change from one culture to the next.

    Words play a different role in my life than they ever used to. It's an odd, rather humbling experience to realize that the world doesn't revolve around the English language. Heh. :c)


  2. Tina,

    It is interesting to experience other cultures and languages and realize that not everything means the same thing to everyone. I have learned so much about language and communication from my times overseas and am continually fascinated by people's differences in languages and perceived meanings of words... even in the U.S!

    In regards to your dictionary reading, I did the same thing when I was little. My great-grandmother had an enormous dictionary in her dining room on it's own special stand. When she passed away my grandma saved it for me and my mom had it rebound as a gift. It now is on that same stand in my own room. It holds so many memories and so much meaning to me.

  3. Hi Candace,

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree about words being so meaningful. I'm not nearly as good at writing as I would like to be but I do have a love of words. My passion growing up was my Dads old Funk and Wagnalls encyclopdia set from the early 50's and sits in a bookcase he built himself.

    It's amazing how these things can hold such a special place for us isn't it.